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Did we pique your curiousity? Do you want to get to know us and maybe join AICEN?

Joining AICEN

It’s always hard to join an established group with ongoing projects, doubly so if you are new to Amnesty’s work in general. And than, English might not be your first language…lots of litte barriers.

That’s why we usually set up a get to know-meeting withinterested parties. Here, one or two of our group members answer all your questions about Amnesty International in general, the Cologne district, AICEN and whatever comes to mind. Just a nice way to get a feeling for each other, match up expectations and give new members an easy start.

Send us an email to set up a first date — we are looking forward to meeting you!

We are meeting once a month to discuss our ongoing and upcoming activities.

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You don’t have to be a member of Amnesty International to get engaged — take action right now and support the most recent petitions and urgent actions

30. Dezember 2018